Update a Specific Customer to a Default Document Theme

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If you have specific details that need to be included for a specific customer or a specific group of customers you can update their default document theme. 



To update for a specific customer:

  1. Create a new Document Theme that has all the details you require: Creating a new Document Theme
  2. Head to Customers
  3. Select the Customer you wish to update
  4. Expand the section  Financial info, Delivery methods, Custom info, Fax, Audit
  5. Update the field Document Theme to your chosen theme
  6. Select Save

To update a group of customers to a specific theme: 

  1. Head to Customers
  2. From the Options menu select Export Customers to File
  3. Open the csv file in a spreadsheeting application and for your selected customers update the field Document Theme to the name of your chosen document theme.  
  4. Save/Export the file as a csv file
  5. In Tradify select Import Customers from File from the Options menu
  6. Select the csv file you saved in step 4
  7. Select Start matching
  8. As this is an import/Export from Tradify you don't need to do anything on the next screen, select Start Import
  9. The customers that have had their document themes updated in the csv file will be updated to match
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