Mobile Update FAQs

We're excited to bring you a host of new changes to the Tradify mobile app to align with technological regulations and usability concerns. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding the new look and feel of the app.

Q: What has changed?

A: With the latest update, we have rolled out a new and streamlined navigation bar in the app. The navigation bar now contains five main items:

  • Scheduler.
  • Jobs.
  • Sales: this section includes Enquiries, Quotes and Invoices.
  • Customers.
  • More: this includes Timesheets, Purchases, Suppliers, Connections, Map, and Settings.

You'll notice that Timesheets and Settings are now under the More section, creating a more simplified experience. Quotes and Invoices are now under the Sales tab, making it more convenient for you to manage your revenue-generating documents in one place.


Q: Why have you changed the navigation/tab bar?

A: There are several reasons behind this change:

  1. Many users expressed frustration with the old scrolling navigation bar. It was difficult for them to find specific features, and sometimes, the act of scrolling unintentionally switched them to another app.
  2. Both Apple and Google guidelines recommend mobile navigation/tab bars have no more than five items. The previous Tradify navigation bar contained ten or more items for many users, leading to clutter and confusion.
  3. The old navigation bar was slow to use and didn't always remember the user's location on a particular tab. The new tab bar is faster, more efficient, and remembers your navigation within each tab.

Q: Why wasn't I given any notice?

A: We made sure to keep our customers informed about the upcoming changes through our monthly newsletter. In a recent email titled "New Look Tradify App," we shared the exciting updates with all our customers, around the end of June 2023.

If you're not receiving our monthly communications and would like to opt in, please get in touch. You can also check out our Product Updates page or join our Facebook Customer Community to check our latest releases. 


Q: I have to tap more times to get to certain features. Why?

A: It's true that you may need to tap one more time to access certain features now. However, it's important to note that many users previously had to swipe multiple times to reach the same features. Swiping to find a navigation option can be time-consuming, whereas the new navigation bar enables quicker and easier access.


Q: Why did you remove the dashboard?

A: The new Sales tab is very similar to the old Dashboard. It contains the same Quote and Invoices summary information you were familiar with. The only difference is that it no longer includes a summary of Jobs, as this information can now be easily accessed through the dedicated Jobs tab.


Q: Did you do any research or testing before rolling it out to all customers?

A: We conducted user research as well as trialling the new navigation with several hundred customers, with results concluding that overall, the new navigation was more intuitive than the older version.


Q: I'm confused about how to use the new navigation.

A: If you need, we have a friendly support team here to help or you can check out How To Book a Tradify Setup Session to go through Tradify with a Tradify Setup Expert.

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