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Platform: Web | Mobile            Plan: Lite | Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Staff Members

Access Permissions in Tradify allow you the security of keeping sensitive decisions away from employees and the flexibility to adjust how much of Tradify they can use.

Select the level of access you wish the user to have. When choosing the permissions your staff have while using Tradify, this means the user will have access to that entire feature, as permissions are fixed.

Note: The blue checkboxes on the right side indicate what the user can access in Tradify. You can select as many boxes as you like.

Note: This article doesn't discuss Connections — check out How To Work With Subcontractors in Tradify for more information.

Want to create a staff member? Check out Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify.

What are the access levels?

No Access: No Access means that the staff member is not granted access to Tradify on any device or computer. Jobs can be assigned and appointments can be scheduled for the user, however, as they don't have physical access, you (or another user with adequate permissions) will need to manually enter their labour and material costs into the system on their behalf.


By default, any user (with the exception of 'No Access' users) have access to Timesheets and Job functions. There are more functions that you can select for users, including:

  • Timesheets
  • Jobs
    • This will give users access to all Jobs that they're assigned. Additionally, users will be able to view:
      • Job
      • Notes
      • Forms & Certs
      • Costs (they can add materials but they cannot see any financial information) 
      • Schedule (they will only see the Scheduler if they have no further permissions)
      • Job Service Reports 
  • Invoicing
    • View, create, and edit Invoices and Billing Runs. This permission grants users access to all Invoices, not selected documents.
  • Quoting
    • Users can create, edit, and delete Quotes. If a user has Quoting permissions, they can view all Quotes, not selected documents.
  • Purchases
    • Users can create, edit, and delete Purchase Orders/Bills. If a user has Purchases permissions, they can view all Purchase Orders and Bills, not selected documents.
  • Reports & Financials
    • This means users can generate reports within Tradify. For more information, check out our Reports section.
  • Scheduling & Dispatch
    • Users can view, create, edit, and delete appointments for ALL staff in the Scheduler. 
    • Users can view all the Jobs, including Jobs they are not assigned to. 
  • Enquiries
    • Users can view, create, respond and edit Customer Enquiries. Users will also be able to toggle their notification settings (Push or E-mail) if they have access to this feature.
  • Staff Tracking
    • Users will be able to see where the staff are on the Map. Users with this permission enabled can see everyone who has their location settings enabledFor more information on the Map feature, check out Using The Map on Tradify Mobile.
  • Settings
    • This permission allows Staff to access and edit Settings for the entire company. Only approved users can access the Subscription and Billing section. If the Settings permission is enabled, users will be able to view and edit Customer Profiles and Settings. 
  • Staff Members
    • This permission allows you to create, edit and remove Staff Members. 
    • NOTE: Making changes to your Staff Members may result in your subscription price changing. 
  • Subscription & Billing
    • This permission allows users to edit your Tradify billing details and subscribe to our additional features.
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