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Platform: Web        Plan: Pro | Plus        Staff Permission: Job & Timesheets

Learn more about creating a timesheet entry within the timesheets tab. 

To enter a Timesheet Entry within the Timesheets tab, navigate to Timesheets, select the Staff Member icon you wish to enter the Timesheet Entry for and then click the + icon to create the entry.

Note: The fields listed below will be available to edit when adding the timesheet entry.

Date – The date of which the work was carried out.

Hours – The number of hours used.

Minutes – The number of minutes used.

Job - Use this field to select the Job the entry is for.

Note: If you do not assign the entry to a Job, Tradify will assume the entry to be non-billable. For more information on non-billable timesheet entries, please see here.

Task – Use to assign your Timesheet Entry to a Task.

Note: For more information on Tasks, please see here.

Billing Rate – This is the hourly rate that Tradify will use to charge your customer. This defaults to the Staff Members default billing rate, but you can change it by using the drop-down button. For more information on Billing Rates, please see here.

Important Note: The Hourly Cost is taken from the Staff Members profile, not the Billing rate. This is so the system can accurately calculate the cost of each employees time.

Notes – a description of the work carried out.- This field is optional.

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