Introducing Tradify’s Latest Usability Updates

We’ve recently rolled out a host of updates to make using the web version of Tradify simpler. These changes have already helped hundreds of new Tradify users get started, so we decided it's time for our existing users to enjoy the benefits of these changes too. 

This article will guide you through what's changed and why. 


We've reduced the clutter in jobs to make it easier to access the essentials, along with a handy new shortcut button to schedule job appointments. 


  • New Appointment Button
    • The fastest way to schedule a new job appointment directly from the job screen.
    • Job Status has moved to the left of the screen to make way for the appointment button and to be consistent with the position of other Tradify statuses. 
    • Print & Delete are now available in the job 'Options' menu.
  • Simplified Job Tabs 
    • The essentials; Job details, Notes, Time, Costs, Invoices and Quotes are always on display. To access the other tabs simply click on the new 'More' drop down.
    • When one of the other tabs is being used for a job, it will be pinned alongside the essentials. e.g. if your job has a cert, the Forms & Certs tab will always be visible. 
  • Reordered & Collapsed Job Sections
    • Job sections have been reordered with 'Staff & Connections' moving to the top to ensure you never forget to assign staff so they can access their jobs on the go. 
    • Job sections without any information will automatically be collapsed to save on space. Simply click on the section and it will expand, allowing you to add information. 


Quotes and Invoices

  • New 'Preview' Tab
    • Quotes and Invoices can now be previewed in a dedicated tab rather than a pop-up.
    • Customise the document theme and view the changes in real time without having to go out to settings. 


  • Streamlined ‘New Invoice’ Flow
    • When creating a new Invoice from the Invoices page, skip the pop ups to get straight into the invoice.
    • Continue creating a miscellaneous invoice or import information from a job, quote or template.


Billing Rates

  • Simplified Billing Rate Creation 
    • Updated labels to provide clarity about what you see vs what your customers see on quotes and invoices. 
    • Optional billing rate settings are now behind an 'Advanced Options' link:
      • Account. 
      • Billing rounding.
      • Billing minimum.
      • Estimated hourly cost.


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  • Is there a way to submit feedback on Tradify features directly from the tradify website or app (when logged in)?

    Also, it seems that the user support contact option is missing and only appears when a Tradify team member is reaching out for feedback. Any information or support on these matters please?

  • Hi Dean! Thanks for your comment, our team will be in touch soon to sort you out.

    Have a great day!


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