Adding Multiple Customer Email Addresses in Tradify

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Learn more about adding multiple customer emails to a Customer Profile in Tradify. For more information on creating Customer Profiles in Tradify check out How to Create Customers on Tradify Web or How to Create Customers on Tradify Mobile.

How to add multiple customer emails to a profile 

To add multiple customer emails in Tradify:

  1. Head to your Customer Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the Email Addres(ses) field.

  3. Enter your email addresses, separating each with a comma. 
  4. When you have finished, select Save.

Things you should know

Please note that emails cannot exceed 70 characters in length. You can have up to ten email addresses per customer

Additionally, while these will pull through from your accounting integrations, the first email will be selected as the default email. 

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